From 2000 onwards we have been involved in the development and review of several wrap platforms

Involvement has included product development of most of the products named elsewhere and reviews of operating models

Some strategic analysis has been performed as to what may happen next (and after next) in the UK wrap environment

There has also been analysis undertaken as to how UK wrap platforms could be used outside of the UK – both within the EEA and elsewhere. The vision is a wrap platform which will enable trading, settlement and custody of directly held securities, UK mutual funds, offshore funds and many other asset types – including those traditionally held on platforms and those yet to find their way onto platforms.

This is an innovative, exciting area of financial services which, as yet, remains in the early stages of infancy.

If you want to know more about Wrap Platforms including the latest wrap specific news you should visit The Platforum. The Platforum is the authority for wrap news and also provides a facility for running specific wrap platform comparisons.


One of the newer developments within the wrap arena is that of corporate wrap. To date three wrap providers have gone live with a corporate proposition. There are likely to be more launches before the end of 2011. This concept is full of exciting possibilities. There is no precise definition of corporate wrap but we think it could be positioned as follows:

  • A corporate wrap service is provided to an employer or a group of connected employers
  • On the corporate wrap can be held details of employees’ pension provision, share save schemes, (corporate) ISAs, health insurance and, potentially, many other employee benefits
  • When an employee leaves service their benefits can be left on the wrap to be managed as an ex-employee or moved to the new employer

An item closely related to corporate wrap is group SIPPs (GSIPPs). Initially these were set up to facilitate employees moving their matured share options into a pension wrapper. But now some companies (eg BT, Stagecoach) have set up a GSIPP as a general means of pension provision for employees.

Corporate wrap could be a massive opportunity for the financial services industry – watch this space for news of developments!